Advanced pampering overnight skin care cream formulation

This overnight skin care formulation improves skin’s resilience and protects it against external stress such as winter skin, air condition. It is enriched with a skin peptide ingredient SYN-UP®, the natural certified cosmetic ingredient STIMU-TEX® AS and the emulsifier ingredient AMPHISOL® K.

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  • SYN-UP®

    Our unique peptide cosmetic ingredient SYN-UP® has excellent capacity to fight against dry skin conditions and, skin redness, due to its interaction on two common skin bacteria.


    The natural certified skincare ingredient STIMU-TEX® AS visibly reduces histamine-related symptoms like irritation and itching for a truly soothed and flawless looking skin.


    AMPHISOL® K is an oil-in-water anionic emulsifier with thermal and broad pH range stability to formulate in sun care, skin care, and make-up formulations.

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