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DSM Food Specialties

DSM Food Specialties is a leading global manufacturer of food enzymes, cultures, savory ingredients and other specialties for the food and beverage industries. DSM’s advanced ingredients make a considerable contribution to the success of the world’s favorite food brands for the dairy, baking, fruit juice, beer, wine, and savory segments.
DSM’s advanced ingredients

Food processing ingredients represent on average approximately 2% of the value of the final product, whilst the added value of the ingredients in terms of taste, texture and other functionalities is significant. Differentiation at this level, for instance through enzymes or vitamins, directly impacts the differentiation of the end-product.

DSM is the global market leader in bio-ingredients in food and beverages. It holds leading positions (number 1 or number 2) in the relevant segments of its portfolio. The company’s growth strategy is to exploit opportunities of current businesses via organic growth based on radical innovation, geographical expansion in high growth economies, and acquisitions.

The focus on bio-ingredients – specialty products based on fermentation processes, such as yeast extracts, cultures and food enzymes - continues. DSM has the requisite expertise in enzyme and fermentation technology to take a leadership position in this market. Enzymes bring efficient and sustainable production closer to the manufacturer by accelerating certain reactions during production, reducing raw material usage, and reducing waste, emissions and energy need. Successful examples of DSM’s innovation in enzymes resulting in increased sustainability are Rapidase® for the fruit juice industry, Panamore™ for bakers and Brewers Clarex® for the brewing industry.