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Across a wide range of beverages, we offer speedy, science-enabled solutions, customized ingredients and blends, and color-matching services - so that you can create differentiated products. The bottom line: with DSM, you get a strategic partner that works with you to to build concepts that leverage the largest nutritional portfolio in the industry – supported by expertise in nutrition science, regulatory affairs, marketing & application.

We know the importance of great appearance health and taste, which is why our colorants not only match, but can enhance flavor and provide a nutritional boost. Meanwhile, our portfolio of gels, gums and thickening agents deliver the texture and mouthfeel that consumers love; and our Eversweet® sweetener enables great-tasting beverages with no sugars or artificial sweetener.

But that’s not all. Our people and portfolio will also help you create functional beverages that delight consumers and keep them healthy by filling nutrient gaps. Our global footprint means that we can help you grow and become a genuine global trend-setter. So you no longer need to choose between health, taste and texture. Enjoy it all.

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Beverage applications

Our solutions improve efficiency and help producers gain control of their process while producing great-tasting, high-quality products for consumers.

Sports drinks

Our nutritional ingredient solutions can power your sports nutrition drinks –through everything from vitamins, nutritional lipids and carotenoids to micronutrient premixes.

Energy drinks & fortified water

We’ll give your next fortified beverage product a competitive edge –through both superior ingredients and expertise in everything from production efficiency to brand support.

Fruit juice

Our fruit processing enzymes increase your yield, shorten production times and clarify fruit juice more effectively. We’ll also help you intensify juice color naturally - and sustainably.

Our Beverage ingredients


Explore our Bio-Gum Gellan below.







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Explore our Premix Blends below.

Vertis™ Plant Proteins

Explore our Vertis™ Plant Proteins below.






Explore our Technical Anitoxidants below.


Explore our Vitamins, Carotenoids & Micronutrients below.

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