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Our brewing enzyme solutions are processing aids that deliver a specific functional or process benefit to your product. It could be making beer production faster, simpler, more cost effective – or increasingly sustainable. In all cases, we give you greater control over the brewing process regardless of what type of operation you run, or which raw ingredients you use.

We understand that meeting consumer needs for the highest quality beer isn’t an easy job. That’s why our brewing enzymes are extremely easy-to-use and can be added to your existing production processes simply and quickly.

In fact, when it comes to enzymes, we’re a truly reliable partner with 100-plus years’ production experience across a whole range of industries - from brewing to baking to fruit processing. Most importantly, our global team of brew masters can provide viable solutions to your challenges, whether related to raw materials or processes - delivering the highest quality beer at the lowest price. Enjoy it all.

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Brewing applications

Our solutions improve efficiency and help producers gain control of their process while producing great-tasting, high-quality products for consumers.


Developed by our winemaking experts with leading oenological universities and institutes, we produce and supply a complete range of specially designed wine biotechnology ingredients that help enhance wine quality and improve its stability.

Build better brewhouse yield

If you’re looking to improve mash efficiency and shorten filtration times, our Filtrase® range can help you achieve it and get better yield from raw materials like low-quality malts.

Brew with locally sourced raw materials

Brewers Compass® is our high-performance brewing enzyme that enables brewers to increase the adjunct level in their beers while maintaining the same great taste.

Streamline your beer stabilization

Brewers Clarex® is our easy-to-use brewing enzyme that eliminates the deep cooling and rinsing production step - enabling you to save money, enhance efficiencies, and remain at the forefront of innovation.

Our Brewing Ingredients


Explore our Bio-Gums Gellan & Xanthan below.


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Explore our Enzymes below.


Explore our Pectin below.


Explore our Technical Anitoxidants below.

Consumer insights on sustainable brewing

Consumers are increasingly making the connection between local ingredients and sustainability. It’s a trigger that could make more planet-friendly brewing practices the norm and spark a new wave of more sustainably produced beers.

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