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The market for plant-based, vegetarian and vegan dairy alternatives is booming due to their perceived, naturally healthy and sustainable appeal (or just because we want to try something new). Consumers increasingly search for dairy alternatives alongside traditional dairy products. So, when it comes to meeting that need, why not try DSM?

Crafting a winning recipe of plant-based drinks, creamy spread and ice cream is complex when it comes to taste, texture, mouthfeel, sweetness, and matching (regional) consumer preference. What’s more, health-conscious consumers - who want to include plant-based dairy as part of a healthy and nutritious diet – are increasingly finding that unfortified dairy alternatives are typically lower in nutritional value and protein than traditional dairy.

We know that solving all these challenges isn’t an easy job – which is why DSM offers a broad portfolio of solutions to improve taste, texture, sweetness, and nutritional value of plant-based drinks and dairy alternatives. This in turn is all fully supported by our global experts of plant-based team, which provides both industry expertise and insights and rigorous nutrition science – all aimed at helping you get the balance just right.

You no longer need to choose between taste, texture and health. Enjoy it all.

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Dairy Alternatives applications

Solutions for cereal-based drinks

For oat-based drinks, rice-based drinks and everything in between, our solutions help you overcome the challenges of working with a starch-based product. They boost texture, taste, sweetness, mouthfeel - and nutritional value (for example, with CanolaPRO®, our unique plant-based protein isolate).

Solutions for non-cereal based drinks

Whether you’re developing soy-based drinks, almond-based drinks or other dairy alternatives, our solutions enrich nutritional value, improve texture and add mouthfeel. For example, our Delvo®Plant enzymes unlock the bioavailability of minerals and modify the solubility of different proteins in all kinds of plant-based drinks.

Solutions for non-dairy ice cream and creamy spread

Looking to develop plant-based ice cream or creamy spread with great taste, smooth and creamy mouthfeel? Thanks to its high solubility, aeration and emulsifying properties, our CanolaPRO® protein isolate can help you achieve all this. And it’s sustainably produced and GMO-free.

Our Dairy Alternatives ingredients


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