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It’s crunch time!

People increasingly want their functional bars and nutrient-rich cereal to have great taste and texture - while also helping to fill the nutrient gaps in their diets for optimal wellbeing. Which is why at DSM we offer you a complete portfolio of solutions to improve texture, sweetness and nutrition in cereal and bars.

Our Premix solutions can help you create customized solutions for taste, texture and health - leveraging our DSM ingredients. For example, you can add a nutrition boost with our Quali® vitamins; create 100% sugar-free sweetness with our EVERSWEET™ Reb M. And then there’s our latest innovation: CanolaPRO®. This plant-based protein derived from the canola plant is high in nutrition and easy for humans to digest.

All this is supported by our region-focused formulation, technical, sales and application experts with in-depth understanding of cereal and bars. You can rely on the DSM team to advise you on recipe development - and make sure you get to market fast. In fact, you no longer need to choose between taste, texture and health. Enjoy it all.

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Cereal & Bars applications

Give your cereal and bars a nutrition boost

Our vast portfolio of micronutrients and functional ingredients are ideal for fortifying cereal, crackers, bars and more. All our nutritional ingredients are scientifically proven and have regulatory approval, so you can innovate fast, with confidence.

Appealing nutrition, sweetness and texture in bars

We offer you a one-stop-shop solution for taste, texture and health in bars. For example, our family of hydrocolloids and sweeteners (including stevia EVERSWEET™ Reb and pectin) can be blended with our nutritional premixes.

Plant-based proteins for cereals and bars

These new crispy concepts created with our nutritious & delicious Vertis™CanolaPRO® plant protein can boost health in cereals, bars and more. Sourced from the canola (or rapeseed) plant, it’s ideal for a protein-packed breakfast or a healthy snack.

Our Cereal & Bars ingredients


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Cereal & Bars insights

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