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Delicious baked goods with consistent results

People want their baked goods to have great taste and texture, while being produced sustainably and aligned with the latest developments in health and nutrition. We understand that you need consistency to be successful in an ever-changing world which is why with DSM you get more than just an ingredients supplier. You get a solutions provider, a reliable and trusted partner. 

Our extensive portfolio includes enzymes, hydrocolloids, bio-preservatives, nutrients and taste solutions, all aimed at helping you create the best possible baked goods. That means products with your preferred sensory properties (including great freshness, appearance and softness) —and which satisfy the unique taste, texture and nutritional needs of your customers.

At the same time, our expert team will work alongside you to optimize the way you produce these differentiated baked goods. For example, our 150-plus years’ experience coupled with our renowned R&D capabilities enable you to optimize processes, stay on top of market developments and reach your sustainability targets—all while ensuring quality, reliability and consistency. So you and your consumers can enjoy it all.

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Bakery applications

Our baking enzymes help to reduce costs and improve the quality of a wide range of baked goods, from flour and bread to snacks and cake.


We understand the art of baking - and through a proven range of baking enzyme solutions we help you create bread that looks, tastes and feels good, at minimal cost.


You can improve cake moistness and softness while creating that ‘oven-fresh’ indulgent quality – all by using our cake enzyme solutions in your cake mix. We’ll help you extend shelf life and reduce costs.

Baking fortification

Here at DSM, our expertise goes beyond baking. We’re also one of the world’s leading nutrition manufacturers. So, why not take advantage of our fortification solutions that pack everything from Omega-3 to vitamin D into your products.

Laminated pastry

At DSM we offer a proven toolbox of label-friendly enzyme solutions for yeasted laminated pastry that help create the perfect texture, every time. Enjoy it all.

Milling solutions

If you want to correct or improve the quality of your flour, look no further than our range of baking enzymes. They balance variations and inconsistencies year-round - at the most attractive cost.

Crackers, cookies and snacks

By using the right enzymes, you can produce crackers, cookies and snacks that consistently look and feel great. Our BakeZyme® range is ideal for most fine baking applications and is supported by our long-standing knowledge of the baking industry, which gives you maximum control over your baking process.

Our Bakery ingredients


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