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Food, Beverages & Dietary Supplements

Better for people and planet

Add a little – do a lot with DSM’s food ingredients, vitamins and premixes. Our products enhance the taste, texture, quality and nutritional value of the world’s favorite food, beverage and dietary supplement brands.
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Our markets

We serve a wide number of markets – helping customers succeed by meeting the diverse, evolving nutrition needs of consumers worldwide. DSM’s portfolio of food ingredients is used in everything from baking, dairy, meat and savory food products to dietary supplements, beverages, confectionery and infant nutrition.

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Our products

DSM enables you to deliver healthier, better tasting, and more attractive products that are easy and cost efficient to make with the use of less raw materials and energy. We lead the way in the manufacturing of vitamins, cultures, enzymes, carotenoids, micronutrient premixes, yeast extracts and other specialty ingredients.

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Our solutions

Our solutions focus on empowering you in four key areas; health benefits, cost and production efficiency, taste, appeal & indulgence and responsible food delivery. They enable our customers to:

  • meet consumer health and wellness goals
  • reduce costs, improve production processes and make the most of natural resources
  • create products that taste, look and feel better
  • protect products from toxins or harmful contaminants.