Cogranulation: The Latest in Enzyme Innovation

Cogranulation is a novel and unique formulation technology in feed enzymes –first developed by dsm-firmenich specifically for the feed industry.  Quality control and assurance measures in the production plant can guarantee each batch is manufactured as intended.

Feed mill managers maintain relatively high temperatures to eliminate undesirable bacteria, improve tonnage per hour, and elevate pellet quality. Our CoGran is coated so that it can be added directly in the feed mixer before pelleting to allow targets to be met.  Our Enzyme Laboratory can analyze the respective enzymes in feeds to ensure the customer gets what is expected.

Better distribution and homogeneity help ensure that every representative sample of feed contains the targeted amount of enzyme. The CoGran is manufactured to have a high particle count as a safeguard across many different mixing scenarios.  

The CoGran ensures convenience in handling.  A CoGran can manufacture two products into one, and by doing so, only one microbin in the feedmill is needed, as opposed to two. Furthermore, blended products usually require a flow agent (ie, rice hulls or wheat midds), a densifier (ie, calcium carbonate) and mineral oil (to reduce dustiness). The CoGran is manufactured as one enzyme product without all the add-ons.

Our most common CoGran is a combination of phytase and carbohydrase enzymes at a specified level per gram product. Precision levels of selected & purified enzymatic activities, and improved consistency means cost savings and performance.  The end-user gets one product without all the unnecessary baggage! 

Published on

16 May 2022



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