dsm-firmenich Customer Portal

dsm-firmenich is continuously looking for ways to improve our customers’ experiences. As part of this commitment, we recently launched the dsm-firmenich Portal. dsm-firmenich Portal is an advanced digital interface specifically designed by and for our customers with the main purpose to improve customer experience by designing a simple interface for accessing order-related information, placing orders, and downloading relevant product documentation.​ Here are some of the dsm-firmenich Portal features:

  • Easily access product info & documentation​ 
    o Technical documents (e.g. Safety Data Sheet, Product Data Sheet, …)​
    o Site documentation (e.g. certificates)​
    o Regulatory information documentation
  • Place your orders with few clicks​
    o Place orders at any time of the day (24/7) ​
    o Access products, prices & contracts relevant to you​
    o Get orders directly into dsm-firmenich systems and receive immediate feedback​
  • Check status of orders & deliveries anytime​
    o Check the status of your order (submitted, confirmed, shipped)​
    o Get latest information of expected delivery dates ​
    o Get an overview of all your orders placed with dsm-firmenich​
  • Access to all order related documents ​
    o Download the documents you need: COAs, delivery documents, invoices​
  • Stay up-to-date on your orders​
    o Receive notifications when something happens with the order placed through the dsm-firmenich Portal: Acknowledgement, Change, Delivery, Invoice​
    o Add more people to notifications if you want to share the information​
    o Choose the notifications you want to receive​

If you don’t have a dsm-firmenich Portal account yet, please request access here.


Published on

21 February 2022


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  • Poultry
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