DSM Customer Portal

DSM is continuously looking for ways to improve our customers’ experiences. As part of this commitment, we recently launched the DSM Portal. DSM Portal is an advanced digital interface specifically designed by and for our customers with the main purpose to improve customer experience by designing a simple interface for accessing order-related information, placing orders, and downloading relevant product documentation.​ Here are some of the DSM Portal features:

  • Easily access product info & documentation​ 
    o Technical documents (e.g. Safety Data Sheet, Product Data Sheet, …)​
    o Site documentation (e.g. certificates)​
    o Regulatory information documentation
  • Place your orders with few clicks​
    o Place orders at any time of the day (24/7) ​
    o Access products, prices & contracts relevant to you​
    o Get orders directly into DSM systems and receive immediate feedback​
  • Check status of orders & deliveries anytime​
    o Check the status of your order (submitted, confirmed, shipped)​
    o Get latest information of expected delivery dates ​
    o Get an overview of all your orders placed with DSM​
  • Access to all order related documents ​
    o Download the documents you need: COAs, delivery documents, invoices​
  • Stay up-to-date on your orders​
    o Receive notifications when something happens with the order placed through the DSM Portal: Acknowledgement, Change, Delivery, Invoice​
    o Add more people to notifications if you want to share the information​
    o Choose the notifications you want to receive​

If you don’t have a DSM Portal account yet, please request access here.


Published on

21 February 2022


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