Preparing Premixes for Summer

April showers bring May flowers… and potential caking issues. 

Your Nutritional Services team is busy preparing our premixes to mitigate any potential issues for the upcoming hot, humid North American May to August climate. 

Through our experience, we are aware of certain products which can contribute to caking. Hygroscopic ingredients (tend to absorb and retain moisture from the air) are the worst offenders.

IngredientCharacteristics and Known Issues 

- Used in water-soluble and regular premixes

- Hygroscopic; more susceptible in summer

- Can form clumps on its own or cause premix clumping

Choline Chloride 60%, 70%

- Choline Chloride diluted on ground vegetable carrier

- Hygroscopic, all year

- Can cake on its own, within micro bins, and can cause premix caking 

Ethoxyquin 66.6% Powder

- Ethoxyquin liquid adsorbed onto carrier

- Liquid can partially leach off carrier in hot environments

     o Excess liquid causes caking and discoloration of premixes

     o Can build up within micro bins and mixers

Do you experience handling issues with your premixes?  See how dsm-firmenich's Premix Formulation Experts can help. Contact your Account Manager for more details.

Published on

18 April 2022



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