Protein Sources

Protein is a major component of poultry diets as it is necessary for proper body function and optimization of performance. Broiler chickens have a high protein requirement; therefore, it is necessary to feed optimum high-quality protein. Research has been conducted for many years to identify the specific protein and amino acid requirements of various poultry species. There are few protein sources used widely in poultry diets. These consist of both animal and vegetable sources. The most used protein source is soybean meal followed by in no particular order, meat and bone meal, dried distillers grains, feather meal, poultry by-product meal, and other plant protein meals. Soybean meal is the preferred source as its crude protein content ranges from 40-48%. Soybean meal also has a well-balanced amino acid profile allowing nutritionist to formulate the ideal diet due to its high digestibility. Protein is the highest cost ingredient in the diet, accounting for 35-45%. Animal protein sources and soybean prices fluctuate with the market. Currently, prices have pressured nutritionist to re-evaluate feed formulations and protein sources to reduce feed cost. This can have a detrimental impact on poultry health, welfare and performance. It is essential to maximize protein utilization without affecting feed quality. Exogenous enzymes may be beneficial as exogenous protease can increase amino acid digestibly by unlocking the amino acid release in protein feed ingredients. Proteases are fully compatible with other feed enzymes, stable at low pH, and during feed manufacturing. By improving protein utilization, protease can increase amino acid digestibility, reduce nitrogen emission, improve animal welfare, and reduce feed costs. 

Published on

18 July 2022



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