Quality Core Principles

Our Animal Nutrition & Health team is dedicated to cultivating a quality culture that prioritizes the rights of customers and the responsibilities of employees. Our commitment to fostering a learning culture underscores the belief that quality is not just a privilege for customers but a fundamental right. Similarly, we believe that ensuring quality is not solely the responsibility of a select few, but a collective obligation that every employee must uphold.

At dsm-firmenich, we strive for operational excellence and aim for zero defects. This dedication drives us to continuously improve our processes and minimize any shortcomings. By setting high standards for teams, we can consistently deliver products and services of the utmost quality to our customers. Through attention to detail, testing, and stringent quality control measures, we work toward achieving excellence in every aspect of our operations.

To support these goals, we empower our employees to identify and initiate ideas that improve our processes and enhance the quality of our products and services. We firmly believe that the expertise and insights of our employees are invaluable resources for innovation and improvement. By encouraging an environment of open communication and idea-sharing, we provide our employees with the necessary tools and encouragement to actively participate in the continuous improvement of our organization. This is exemplified through Tier Meetings, Tier Boards, Share-and-Learn flyers from sites around the globe, and Continuous Improvement charters, as well as other tools. Moreover, we emphasize the importance of taking action to protect our customers, ensuring that their safety and satisfaction remain our top priorities.

By nurturing a quality culture that encompasses these principles, we aim to continuously enhance our processes and deliver exceptional value to our customers. We recognize that quality is not a static achievement but an ongoing pursuit, requiring constant vigilance and dedication. With the collective efforts of every employee, we are confident in our ability to exceed customer expectations, achieve operational excellence, and continuously improve our processes.

Published on

19 June 2023



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