Sustainability in Ruminants

Sustainability, in the most basic terms, is commonly defined as meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. The demands that our increasing population place on our planet, require a need and collective effort to discover and implement more sustainable ways to improve our production systems across all industries in ways that are profitable and climate friendly, for our future generations.  

Dairy and beef cattle provide a source of nutrient rich, high-quality protein, micronutrients and essential fatty acids through the milk, cheese, and beef that these animals produce. Our industry has evolved through research, discovery, and implementation of new technologies and resources to improve efficiencies and deliver more produce, from fewer animals, in a shorter amount of time.  

For instance, in many areas, anaerobic digesters have been implemented to capture methane gas from manure, or biogas, to be utilized as a renewable source of energy. Additionally, the adaptation of modern technologies and genetic improvements to further improve efficiencies has continued to open our eyes to the possibilities of how much more, as an industry, can we achieve in making our farms more sustainable and our foods more climate-friendly. 

That is why dsm-firmenich has launched a series of quantifiable commitments aimed at addressing urgent societal and environmental challenges linked to how the world produces and consumes food. dsm-firmenich’s Food System Commitments including a double-digit reduction of on-farm livestock emissions by 2030.  

We are extremely proud to announce that Bovaer®, our methane-reducing feed additive, recently received EU market approval for use in dairy cows. Bovaer® is a major step toward delivering on this commitment as well as the strategic initiative of dsm-firmenich’s Animal Nutrition & Health business group, We Make It Possible, with its mission to lead a robust and achievable worldwide transformation in sustainable animal protein production. 

Latest news: dsm-firmenich receives EU market approval for its methane-reducing feed additive Bovaer® 

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Published on

21 March 2022


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