Understanding Vitamin Sourcing and Quality

At dsm-firmenich we understand that quality (your requirements) and sourcing are inter-related and can be complicated.  For example, one 25-kg bag of Rovimix E50 adsorbate may make its way directly into your plant or livestock production facility (as a hand-add), or via a complete premix, but perhaps not into a beef cow liquid feed supplement or milk replacer. 

Based on your needs such as shelf-life, stability, particle size and ease of handling, water dispersibility, compatibility with other premix ingredients such as choline or trace minerals, and yes, cost, your manufacturing or livestock production needs are unique and may require specialized product forms or applicability testing.  All of which dsm-firmenich can help with. 

How often should you review your formulation specifications for the 13 vitamins (plus several more if you include choline, Hy-D® and carotenoids)?  dsm-firmenich can help there too—we will be releasing our new 2022 Optimum Vitamin Supplementation Guidelines (OVN®) for animal nutrition this summer.  We continually review advances in vitamin knowledge and incorporate any changes into OVN®. 

What’s changed?  In the last 5 years, our understanding of the relationship of micronutrients and animal health and welfare has improved, as has animal performance, and consumer demand for sustainable, wholesome, high quality products. 

For current OVN® guidelines:  2022 Optimum Vitamin Supplementation Guidelines

Published on

21 March 2022


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