Know Your Numbers!

This year, it's all about the numbers at World Pork Expo.  Do you know your numbers?  Check out the important numbers of our key dsm-firmenich solutions and learn more at the product homepages.

Improve Lifetime Performance With Our Swine Portfolio

We have a number of product solutions to help your pigs improve performance throughout their lifetime. 

Digestarom® Finish can help improve gut functionality in grow-finish pigs to help them achieve a faster finish.

FUMzyme® is the only FDA approved enzyme to combat fumonisins, which are found in ~80% of feed.

HiPhorius™ is a next generation phytase to help you get more from your feed.

VevoVitall® is an ultra-pure benzoic acid, that when used as a feed acidifier, helps post weaning performance.

VVC Premix™ helps feed biosecurity, gut functionality and performance of nursery pigs.

There’s only one Hy•D®

Hy•D®, our specific vitamin D3 metabolite called 25-OH D3, provides animals with a fast track to a strong skeleton, immune support and better performance. For our customers, this means a fast track to higher returns. Hy•D has delivered proven results for years in poultry, swine and cattle production. More than 100 research trials have demonstrated the safety and benefits of Hy•D* with more than 3 billion** animals fed Hy•D annually.