The Dairy Podcast: Corwin Holtz – Mycotoxins in Dairy Management

In this episode of The Dairy Podcast Show, we're privileged to have Corwin Holtz, a distinguished figure in dairy consulting, touching upon the evolution of the dairy industry, ruminant nutrition, and the pivotal role of mycotoxins in dairy management. Corwin's vast experience and strategic approach toward addressing mycotoxins, coupled with his emphasis on herd health and profitability, make this episode a treasure trove of knowledge for dairy professionals. Tune in to glean valuable wisdom from Corwin's illustrious career and practical advice for navigating the complexities of dairy farming.

What you’ll learn

  • (00:00) Highlight
  • (00:21) Introduction
  • (04:40) Managing mycotoxins in dairy
  • (10:28) Strategies for mycotoxin mitigation
  • (15:43) Discussing binders and intervention costs
  • (20:34) Importance of cow health and immune function
  • (25:38) Agricultural policy and public perception
  • (30:22) Final questions Meet the guest

Meet the guest

Meet Corwin Holtz, the founding member and consultant at Holtz Nelson Dairy Consultants, LLC. With a rich background that spans from the Californian dairy industry to academia and commercial feed business, Corwin has dedicated his career to enhancing dairy nutrition and management. His expertise lies in maximizing cow health and productivity, emphasizing sustainable practices that benefit farm profitability and environmental stewardship. Corwin's journey from obtaining his degree in Dairy Science at Cal Poly to his impactful work in New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, and New England, showcases his commitment to the dairy sector. A key figure in dairy education and advocacy, Corwin's contributions have earned him recognition and respect within the industry, making him a true asset to the dairy community.

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Published on

18 March 2024


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  • Ruminants

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