The Dairy Podcast: Daniel Knoll & Dr. Erin Schwandt: Role of Beta-Carotene in Dairy

Grasping the significance of beta-carotene in dairy cattle nutrition is vital for enhancing reproductive health and overall productivity in herds. This expertise enables dairy managers to make educated choices regarding feed quality and supplementation, thereby influencing herd performance and operational efficacy. In this episode, Daniel Knoll and Dr. Erin Schwandt explore the implications of beta-carotene in dairy nutrition, focusing on its effects on reproductive health and forage quality, and offering insightful strategies for dairy professionals aiming to boost herd productivity.

What you’ll learn

  • (00:00) Highlight
  • (00:41) Introduction
  • (05:02) Discussion on beta carotene in dairy nutrition
  • (07:50) Assessing beta carotene levels in cattle
  • (06:50) Beta carotene’s role and importance
  • (15:34) Beta carotene levels in different feeding conditions
  • (18:44) Molecular function of beta carotene in reproduction
  • (29:11) The final questions

Meet the guest: Daniel Knoll

- Current: Ruminant Account Manager at dsm-firmenich 
- B.Sc., Animal Science (Kansas State University)

Connect with the guest: Daniel Knoll

Meet the guest: Dr. Erin Schwandt

- Current: Ruminant Technical Manager at dsm-firmenich
- Past: Senior Ruminant Technical Manager at BIOMIN
- Ph.D., Ruminant Nutrition (Kansas State University)
- M.Sc., Grain Science (Kansas State University) - B.Sc., Animal Science and Industry (Kansas State University)

Connect with the guest: Dr. Erin Schwandt

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Published on

15 April 2024


  • Podcast
  • Ruminants

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