Unlocking the Value of Sustainable Swine Production

Preparing for a more sustainable future demands a proactive partner with insights, innovative solutions, and precision services. One who can help save costs and get the most value from locally sourced raw materials while reducing environmental emissions- all without ever compromising on performance.

Join our webinar on “Unlocking the Value of Sustainable Swine Production”. Experts will discuss from global trends in food production to practical approaches to shape sustainable swine production.


Date: Monday, 29th November 2023

Speakers: João Brites (Director of growth & innovation, HowGood)

Mathieu Pecqueur (External Relations Manager, Cooperl, FR)

Ana Garcia (Precision service manager, dsm-firmenich)


João Brites

Director of growth & innovation, HowGood

"How much does the consumer care about sustainable food production?"

Mathieu Pecqueur

External Relations Manager, Cooperl, FR

"Transforming constraints into opportunities in the service of our cooperative's strategy"

Ana Garcia

Precision service manager, dsm-firmenich

"Approaches for reducing the carbon footprint of swine production"