Bovaer® Canada Launch

On January 30th, Canadian authorities granted market authorization for Bovaer®, a methane reducing feed ingredient for cattle, which enables dairy and beef farmers to substantially lower their carbon footprint. Just a quarter teaspoon of Bovaer® per cow per day consistently reduces enteric methane emission by on average 30% for dairy cows and even higher percentages, on average 45%, for feedlot beef cattle.

Learn more about Bovaer® and how this feed ingredient contributes to a significant and immediate reduction of the environmental footprint of dairy and beef products. 

Key takeaways

  • How Bovaer® was developed and how it works to reduce methane
  • Summary of studies demonstrating the reduction of methane in dairy & beef cattle with Bovaer®
  • Specific research for Canada: Largest Bovaer® beef trial globally on a Canadian feedlot
  • Bovaer® approved dosages and handling considerations
  • Bovaer® application and carbon markets in Canada
  • Bovaer® around the world

Date: Friday, 23rd February 2024

Mark van Nieuwland (Vice President, Bovaer® dsm-firmenich)

Maik Kindermann (Inventor of Bovaer® dsm-firmenich)


Mark van Nieuwland
Vice President Bovaer®


Maik Kindermann
Inventor of Bovaer®

Mark is global VP for Bovaer®, the leading technology to reduce enteric methane emissions from cattle, and thereby makes a significant contribution to fighting global warming and delivering on the Global Methane Pledge. In this role he oversees the Bovaer® activities globally, covering innovation, regulatory, commercialization and manufacturing. Together with his team, he aims to further enhance sustainability of ruminant sector through innovations, such as methane inhibitors. He works closely with the dairy and beef sector as well as the retail and food services sector to support the successful introduction and commercialization of those innovations. For his work, Mark was recently recognized by TIME Magazine as a Top 100 “Most Influential Climate Leader in Business”. Prior to his current role, he worked as VP of strategy at Royal DSM, and has a background as consultant with McKinsey & Co. and M&A manager at Celesio. He holds undergraduates degrees from Penn State, and a Master of Science in Business Administration Erasmus University Rotterdam.

Maik is the inventor of the methane inhibitor 3-NOP (Bovaer®) and heading the R&D program for the project “Clean Cow” at DSM. At the same time, he is responsible for technology scouting for the business unit in close interaction with the group of dsm-firmenich Venturing. As chemist by training with a background in molecular biology he is working with his team to bring cutting edge technology into the animal nutrition and health sector with a special focus on sustainability topics. Bringing an entrepreneurial spirit as a co-founder of a biotech company in Switzerland, he also worked as a Senior Scientist at Sanofi-Aventis (structural biology) prior to join DSM and project “Clean-Cow”. He holds a PhD in Chemistry and a post-doctoral degree from the EPFL Lausanne (CH) in chemical biology.