Early coccidiosis detection and intervention to help protect your flock

Coccidiosis continues to be the costliest disease in poultry. Different anticoccidial solutions have been used as part of shuttle or bio-shuttle programs in rotation to alleviate antimicrobial resistance challenges and get the most performance out of these solutions. Knowing which solution works best in your operation can be dependent on many factors and having precise, early detection for coccidiosis may help fine tune your coccidiosis program. In this exclusive webinar, Chelsea Phillips, dsm-firmenich, and Luca Vandi, Simbiohl, will share insights on early detection for coccidiosis and alternative solutions to consider when reducing or removing chemicals and ionophores or looking to compliment a cocci vaccine program.

Learning Points

  • Coccidiosis can be detected early using blood biomarkers
  • Alternative feed additive solutions can be incorporated in place of chemicals/ionophores or to boost cocci vaccine efficacy


Chelsea Phillips

Data Scientist for Precision Services, dsm-firmenich

Luca Vandi

Independent Consultant

Date: Tuesday, 8th August 2023

Time: 8:00 a.m. EDT/7:00 a.m. CDT

Speakers: Chelsea Phillips; Luca Vandi