Protect Piglets: Strategies to Optimize Gut Function

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Supporting piglet health begins at birth and is greatly influenced by the environment into which they are born. The sow can be the largest reservoir of infection for newly born piglets if her health is compromised by common issues such as urinary tract infections. In addition to maternal health effects, the cleanliness of the piglet’s environment together with protein and fiber nutrition can determine the degree of post-weaning growth lag the piglet’s experience. Precision approaches to raw material characterization together with data driven approaches to deeper understanding of animal physiology can help fine tune piglet care for the future. Three speakers will cover the topic of optimizing gastrointestinal functionality of piglets in relation to sow health & its effect on progeny, the role of sanitary conditions and protein nutrition in piglet gut health and how precision approaches to nutrition and health can support better production outcomes.


Date: Wednesday, 22nd March 2023

Time: 15:00 CET

Speakers: Chris Schouten DVM, Walter Gerrits PhD, Estefania Perez-Calvo PhD

Moderator: Vincent ter Beek (Pig Progress)


Chris Schouten DVM

Swine Consultant at adVee Dierenartsen, The Netherlands

“An underestimated issue for sows and progeny: urinary tract infection in lactating sows”

Walter Gerrits PhD

Professor in Animal Nutrition, WUR

“Effect of sanitary conditions on protein digestibility in weaned piglets”

Estefania Perez-Calvo PhD

EMEA Principal Scientist, dsm-firmenich

“A precision approach to piglet nutrition & the role of maternal health status”