CAROPHYLL® – Because Color Matters

Much of the pleasure we derive from food comes from its visual appearance, so the color of food ingredients is extremely important. We offer products that allow consistent delivery of precisely-pigmented egg yolks, poultry and fish.

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Carotenoids play an important role in animal feed. They are vital antioxidants and also vitamin A precursors.

Their most important role in poultry farming and aquaculture however, is their ability to improve the appearance of products such as egg yolks, chicken skin and fish flesh.

Carotenoid levels vary from one plant to another, and unless poultry and fish diets are provided with supplements, the result will be variation in the appearance of food products.

Our CAROPHYLL® range of carotenoid additives allows producers to deliver precisely-colored and pigmented food reliably and consistently. We have combined our quality products, our unique beadlet technology and our many years’ experience to provide a great method for improving product quality and increasing consumer confidence.


Local poultry markets reflect varying ideals concerning the perfect skin shade. Get closer to perfection in your region while maintaining high standards of safety, consistency and reliability.


Consumers worldwide are increasingly aware of the importance of healthy foods. They know that a golden yolk is the sign of a fresh egg from a healthy hen. The right husbandry, welfare and diet, in combination with CAROPHYLL® carotenoids, deliver eye-catching egg yolks that inspire consumer confidence around the globe.

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Fish and shrimp

Looks mean a lot, and one way that consumers assess the quality of salmon and trout is by the color of the flesh. Our CAROPHYLL® pink is a proven way to deliver fish that is attractive to the eye.

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