CAROPHYLL® for Broilers

Perfect poultry skin – the CAROPHYLL® way

Local poultry markets reflect varying ideals concerning the perfect skin shade. Get closer to perfection in your region while maintaining high standards of safety, consistency and reliability.

As consumers, we all want to buy the healthiest-looking chicken, and color is one of the main factors we consider as indicators of health and freshness. But as a producer, how do you ensure consistently-pigmented poultry skin?

Skin pigmentation is the result of naturally occurring pigments called carotenoids. Their concentration within an organism may vary, but adding supplementary carotenoids means the desired skin shade can be consistently achieved.

CAROPHYLL® red 10% AND CAROPHYLL® yellow 10% are feed additives for broilers which allow for very precise control over skin pigmentation.

Consistency is achieved by using the DSM broiler fan, a proven and effective measure that ensures the correct amount of CAROPHYLL® products are added so as to deliver the desired skin color in every bird produced.

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