A golden yolk can only come from a healthy hen 

Consumers worldwide are increasingly aware of the importance of healthy foods. They know that a golden yolk is the sign of a fresh egg from a healthy hen. The right husbandry, welfare and diet, in combination with CAROPHYLL® carotenoids, deliver eye-catching egg yolks that inspire consumer confidence around the globe.

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We all have our own notion of the ‘right’ color for an egg yolk. This varies around the world, depending on geographical location, cultural context and local traditions. It is also influenced by the culinary use for which the eggs are intended. However, consumers worldwide recognize that a golden yolk invariably comes from a healthy hen. And they are asking for yolks with a deeper shade of orange.  

An egg yolk’s color is determined by its carotenoid content. Supplementing naturally occurring carotenoids with CAROPHYLL® red and CAROPHYLL® yellow from dsm-firmenich delivers exactly the right levels to produce the desired golden hue. Supplementation of the diet with CAROPHYLL® is completely safe and delivers a consistent egg color. It also increases the antioxidative status of the egg, thus helping preserve its freshness.

Consistent yolks

The dsm-firmenich YolkFan™ has been the global standard for assessing egg yolk color for many years. In 2016 dsm-firmenich responded to calls for a higher color standard in Asian markets by introducing a new dsm-firmenich YolkFan™ with 16 blades – one more than the previous version.

Shades 1 to 15 remain the same as in previous editions, but a deeper shade of orange has been added at the end of the spectrum to reflect the needs of markets seeking an intensely pigmented yolk. The 16th blade was the result of two years’ work by dsm-firmenich scientists who recreated the entire color range and looked for the right combination of reds and yellows to deliver the perfect 16th yolk color.

The dsm-firmenich Guidelines for Egg Yolk Pigmentation 2016 are a reliable source of scientific information. Under optimal conditions of animal health and husbandry, they can be used to produce precisely the desired yolk color.

The requisite color is chosen from a range of 16 different shades. The depth of the shade determines how much of each carotenoid is needed. Consider the xanthophyll contribution of the feed ingredients and add the recommended amount of CAROPHYLL® red and CAROPHYLL® yellow to the feed. The result is a perfect egg yolk color every time – which is just what the consumer asked for.

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