Balancius™ unlocks hidden potential by blocking hidden threats

Poultry production faces increasing challenges. With so many factors in optimizing production, it can be difficult to meet all of these challenges while maintaining profitability. Break down dead bacterial cell debris to allow broilers and turkeys to better digest and absorb nutrients.

Some challenges aren’t just easy to overlook — they’re hidden altogether.

Together, dsm-firmenich and Novozymes have created Balancius®, an innovative feed ingredient that overcomes hidden problems that hinder broiler and turkey performance.

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Balancius™ is the first and only feed ingredient of its kind.

Perhaps the greatest hidden threats are in the gut, where peptidoglycans (PGNs) may impact the health and growth of poultry by potentially impeding normal digestive processes. PGNs may be robbing your poultry of efficient digestion and your operation of profits right now. They go undetected, secretly chipping away at normal broiler and turkey digestive processes.

Balancius® is the first and only poultry feed ingredient designed to unlock the hidden potential in gastrointestinal functionality by overcoming the problems that may be associated with PGNs.

Balancius™ is proven to enhance animal performance.

In more than 50 studies completed throughout the world, Balancius™ has been shown to significantly improve feed conversion when fed at 25,000 FTU/g.

The results of the studies are mirrored in the field. Balancius™ is used by some of the biggest and most progressive poultry companies in the U.S. It has been shown to improve feed conversion by 2–4 points and capture additional benefits, including keeping litter drier, improving uniformity and supporting gastrointestinal functionality.


Balancius™ leads to improved nutrient utilization.

Through its unique mode of action, Balancius™ helps optimize nutritional absorption and digestion, so broilers and turkeys get more from their feed. This patented technology is a novel microbial muramidase discovered and developed to help hydrolyze peptidoglycans.

By breaking down PGNs from bacterial cell debris in the intestinal tract, Balancius™ provides additional nutrients to the bird that would normally be lost, leading to better animal performance and welfare.

Improved Feed Conversion

Breaks down peptidoglycans to improve nutrient utilization.

Better Uniformity

Improves feed intake, growth and performance.

Drier Litter

Increases water absorption to improve litter quality.

Introducing Balancius™ for Turkeys

Balancius™ has been tested at research and commercial turkey facilities throughout the world. Trials evaluated feed conversion, body weight and other benefits in turkeys.

Similar to its performance in broilers, Balancius™ breaks down dead bacterial cell debris in the intestinal tract, allowing turkeys to digest and absorb nutrients. Trials confirmed that Balancius™ also improves feed conversion, optimizes gastrointestinal functionality and keeps litter drier.

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