Digestarom® Finish


The Power of Phytogenics in Grow-Finish Pigs

Digestarom® Finish is a phytogenic blend, specially designed for nourishment of pigs in the growing and finishing phase. Beneficial effects on the growth performance of pigs have been observed, demonstrating its efficacy under varying conditions. This table reports the average performance of pigs fed with or without Digestarom Finish.

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Main Benefits

  • Supports feed digestibility and utilization
  • Provides flexibility for least cost ration formulation
  • Has no withdrawal period
  • Increases profitability

Better digestibility, improved gut function and a faster finish

Feeding Digestarom Finish from 50 lbs body weight to market resulted in improved average daily gain by 1.7%, FCR by 1.8%, and reduced mortality and morbidity by 1.7 percentage points. 


Digestarom Finish improves average daily gain by 1.7% in finisher pigs*.


Digestarom Finish reduces feed conversion ratio by 1.8% in finisher pigs*.


Digestarom Finish reduces morbidity and mortality by 1.7% in finisher pigs*.

*Improvements were compared to the control from 10 finisher trials conducted in the different locations in the US. 

The Science behind Digestarom® Finish

A healthy digestive tract is a prerequisite for overall animal health and performance. It not only affects the absorption and utilization of nutrients, but also has considerable influence on the animal’s immune system. Under the conditions of poor digestion, excessive amounts of nutrients are available for pathogenic bacteria to rapidly multiply in the digestive tract, which may easily result in enteric imbalances. Therefore, gut-friendly feeding is essential for promoting animal well-being and performance. 

Due to its balanced and rounded flavor, Digestarom® enhances the palatability of livestock diets, thus encouraging feed intake. Furthermore, Digestarom® influences digestion and absorption of dietary nutrients, supporting nutrient digestibility.

The phytogenic blend of essential oils and other compounds in Digestarom® were thoroughly investigated for their anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, antimicrobial and immune supportive properties.

Digestarom Finish is approved for use in the US. Digestarom Finish is NOT approved for use in Canada.

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