RONOZYME® ProAct – Maximize your proteins

RONOZYME® ProAct is the best-in-class protease market reference, which not only optimizes amino acids release but also supports sustainable animal production.

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Selected species

RONOZYME® ProAct optimizes amino acids digestibility, reduces costs, mitigates effects of feed protein variability, reduces adverse effects of anti-nutritional factors as well as improves Gastrointestinal Functionality.

Proteases are enzymes that break down protein molecules into the amino acids and peptides needed by animals.

RONOZYME® ProAct provides additional protein digestibility on top of endogenous proteases, resulting in a 3-6 % increase in amino acid digestibility.

RONOZYME® ProAct also increases metabolic energy by at least 25 kcal/kg diet AME.

Your benefits

Adding RONOZYME® ProAct:

  • Improves consistently amino acid digestibility
  • Offers flexible feed formulation for substantial cost savings
  • Contributes to sustainable poultry production by supporting:
    • Efficient use of natural resources: lower soy utilization & more alternative (local and by-products) raw materials 
    • Reduction of livestock emissions: low Nitrogen emissions by enabling lower Crude Protein diets
    • Lifetime performance & animal welfare: significantly reducing foot-pad lesions

Specifically developed for inclusion in animal diets, RONOZYME® ProAct significantly increases the digestibility of protein.

It complements naturally occurring proteases in feed, and considerably increases amino acid and peptide supply so as to enhance animal performance. It improves the digestibility of a wide range of protein sources and cereals, allowing savings in diet costs.

Optimal product formulation:

RONOZYME® ProAct is available in heat stable free-flowing & dust free CT form

RONOZYME® ProAct is also available in a liquid form (L) for post-pelleting liquid applications.

Recommendations for use (ProAct CT)

200 g/mT of RONOZYME® ProAct (CT) for broilers

Always check and comply with local regulations

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