Stronger hooves for better returns

Our ROVIMIX® Biotin improves hoof strength in dairy cows, helping them achieve optimal productivity.

ROVIMIX® Biotin has shown to deliver better-producing dairy cows with improved hoof strength and durability. This has a positive effect on farmer returns.

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Hoof strength

Improving hoof strength reduces the likelihood of problems associated with lameness. Cows with sound hooves eat more, produce more, and are more willing to breed. Treatment costs are also reduced. The overall result is that cows are more profitable.

By improving hoof health, and optimizing horn quality and strength, ROVIMIX® Biotin helps reduce the number of losses due to lameness.

Its outstanding bioavailability means ROVIMIX® Biotin visibly increases strong hoof horn formation. This helps reduce incidences of common problems including white line disease, sole ulcers and digital dermatitis.

Fewer of these problems means lower vet bills and reduced antibiotic use.

More milk

Biotin is essential for milk production as it increases the production of glucose by the cow. More glucose means higher milk yields. Supplementing high-yielding cows with ROVIMIX® Biotin has resulted in milk yield increases of almost 2kg per cow per day.

Overall, ROVIMIX® Biotin builds stronger hooves, higher milk yields and greater profits.


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