STAY-C® 50

The stable vitamin C specialty for all year round skin perfection


Helps protect from photo damage for beautiful and healthy-looking skin

Vitamin C is a popular and trusted ingredient among consumers with many benefits to offer. The vitamin C derivative STAY-C® 50 is a powerful in-vivo anti-oxidant and free radical scavenger.  Its our stable Vitamin C speciality and multi-talent skin care active which delievers vitamin C efficiently into the skin. Our studies have proven the efficacy of STAY-C® 50 for a better-looking skin tone. It reduces the appearance of skin blemishes and acne not only experienced by teenagers but also by adults. Stimulating the production of collagen and increasing skin firmness STAY-C® 50 is contributing to the efficacy of anti-ageing products. Data also demonstrate deodorant activity, hair color protection and activity against bacteria involved in caries and gingivitis.

Product Features

  • INCI name: Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate 
  • STAY-C® 50 is a vitamin C derivative with superior stability in formulations compared to straight ascorbic acid. The easily water-soluble monophosphate ester of ascorbic acid is bio-converted into Vitamin C by phosphatases present in the skin. 


  • Helps protect from photo damage for beautiful and healthy-looking skin (ROS reduction; second line of defense next to PARSOL® UV filters) 
  • Excellent antioxidant by reducing peroxides formation 
  • Boosts collagen synthesis and improves skin firmness
  • Evens the skin tone and reduces age spots by limiting the production of melanin
  • Improves the appearance of acne-prone skin
  • Limits the growth of oral bacteria for healthy teeth and gum
  • Has deodorant activity
IECSC listed, IECIC listing

Mode of Action

Any STAY-C® 50 which crosses the stratum corneum is metabolized to ascorbic acid, which further penetrates into deeper skin layer.

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