Delivering essential performance.

Performance has an immense impact on the profitability of swine. Animals that use feed more efficiently grow faster, produce more and have lower feed costs.

Rising feed costs mean that the challenge of achieving feed efficiency is even more important than before.

CRINA® products contains essential oils and nature-identical compounds proven in trials to improve feed intake and provide great benefits.

All flavoring components in CRINA® products are approved for feed are GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe).

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CRINA® Poultry Plus

Sometime you can take two successful products and create something even better. That is exactly what we have done with CRINA® Poultry Plus, and now poultry producers stand to benefit even more.

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CRINA® Piglets AF

Improved feed use makes a big impact on profits. To see how you can benefit from this, have a look at our CRINA® offering for swine.

Swine have specific needs at different stages of development. Recognizing this, we offer finely-tuned blends for piglets. This ensures the maximum benefit for all animals specific to their requirements.

Piglets are at greater risk of inadequate nutrition around the time of weaning. CRINA® Piglets AF has been shown to help reduce this risk by increasing feed intake.

Put all these factors together, and CRINA® Piglets AF ensures a good return on your investment.

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