Efficient and sustainable poultry solutions

The global demand for poultry meat and eggs is growing at a phenomenal rate. The poultry sector will need to evolve and innovate in line with this demand.

Our innovative feed additives are developed to help farmers meet the challenges they face. The cutting-edge products provide a wide range of benefits: they can help increase production and productivity, improve welfare, reduce environmental impact, and enhance product quality.


Protect your flock with confidence

Protecting your birds against health and nutritional challenges at every life stage is essential for successful production. At dsm-firmenich, we address the challenges you face to help protect your flocks with confidence.


Mycotoxin Risk Management

Protect your flock investment with effective and targeted mycotoxin risk management

Coccidiosis Control

There are a variety of methods used to prevent and control coccidiosis including ideal farm management practices, anticoccidials, vaccines, and natural products

Perform efficiently with confidence

Ensuring efficient nutrient utilization in your flock ensures healthy development, boosts productivity, and improves performance. By improving efficiency and sustainability, we at dsm-firmenich help you to drive your flock's performance and your profitability with confidence.


Feed Cost Savings

Increase protein, energy, and mineral utilization and open the opportunities to use alternative raw materials.

Vitamin Management

Ensure birds are receiving optimal vitamin nutrition appropriate to their life stage and growing conditions to meet performance and sustainability goals.

Lifetime Performance

Push the flock’s productive and reproductive performance beyond their potential.

Mineral Management

Ensure birds are receiving optimal mineral nutrition, specifically Ca & P, to meet performance and sustainability goals.

Promote your product with confidence

Differentiating poultry products as safe, high quality, and sustainable protein sources is the focus of every producer. 


Emissions Control

Reduce phosphorus and ammonia emissions as well as carbon footprint to achieve sustainable production goals.

Meat and Egg Quality

Reduce condemnations and food wastage, improve meat and egg product quality to expand your market potential, and uniquely differentiate your brands with specialty products.

Food Safety

Reduce the risk of foodborne pathogen contamination (Salmonella and Campylobacter) in meat and egg products.


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