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Our portfolio of tools helps to understand the potential risks of mycotoxins for animal species and location.

  • Mycotoxin Survey & Indicator
  • MyToolBox
  • Mycotoxin Risk Management App

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Mycotoxin Survey & Indicator

The longest running and most comprehensive data set on mycotoxin occurrence in feed materials to help you understand potential risks. Get a more precise view with the Occurrence and Risk Level Indicator by selecting your time period, animal species and location.


A unique online platform with the latest knowledge on the prevention and control of mycotoxins in various crops from the field through storage and processing. Register to get more tailored recommendations on mycotoxin prevention based on location and crop management criteria.

Mycotoxin Risk Management App

Track feed crop contamination levels anywhere in the world on your smartphone or tablet. Stay up-to-date with the latest trends, news and scientific developments on mycotoxins and their impacts on livestock. 

A website providing a concise scientific overview about various mycotoxins with useful information for researchers, students, animal husbandry professionals and agricultural entrepreneurs. More at 

Mycotoxin Solutions

  • FUMzyme® Silage

    FUMzyme® Silage is a unique additive sprayed onto corn (maize) at harvest that targets and detoxifies harmful fumonisins, so that the resulting silage is safe and fumonisin-free for livestock nutrition.

  • FUMzyme® sol

    FUMzyme®, the only enzyme that effectively detoxifies fumonisins safely and irreversibly, is available for post-pellet and liquid application in animal feed. From the creators of Mycofix®. Naturally Ahead.

  • Mycofix®

    The Mycofix® portfolio of feed additives represents the most state-of-the-art solution for protecting animal health by deactivating mycotoxins that contaminate farm animal feed. Its safety and efficacy are proven by 7 EU authorizations for substances that deactivate mycotoxins.

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