Vitamins for more sustainable farming

Continous advancements in animal nutrition are essential to address opportunities and challenges of modern feed industry, in alignment with the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Supporting animals with appropriate vitamins can help make farming more sustainable (SDG 13), improves animal welfare (SDG 12) and help get the world closer to zero hunger (SDG 2) as well as healthy lives (SDG 3).

Why vitamins?

With these SDGs in mind, we believe that every single animal should receive the right level of vitamins. The reason is simple: Vitamins are the foundation for balanced animal nutrition essential for wellbeing and good health playing crucial roles in farm animals, in areas including:

  • Fertility & reproduction
  • Bone formation
  • Immunity and disease resilience
  • Efficient animal metabolism
  • Supporting optimal growth
  • Driving feed cost optimization
  • Meat, egg, fish and milk quality and production
  • Reducing food loss and waste


The Vitamin Academy is a new platform for those in the feed industry to explore the benefits of vitamins and how to use them. Through classes, webinars, videos and other exclusive content, global experts will share the latest research as well as on-the-ground experience.

The Vitamin pioneer for more than 100 years

dsm-firmenich, the largest global producer of vitamins for the feed, food and pharma industries, initiated the scientific and manufacturing development of Vitamins early in 1900, maintaining during more than 100 years a firm and reliable food & feed safety commitment through the most complete vitamin backward integration in the world.

Our Vitamins

What makes ROVIMIX® Vitamins so good?

Vitamins are rarely added as pure substances to the feed because they are often degraded due to instability towards oxygen, light or temperature. And remember that it is about mixing grams or milligrams in one ton feed with animals eating few grams feed per day, certainly not an easy task!

ROVIMIX® Vitamins are the result of many decades of research and development. They consistently add value to premixes and feeds through an outstanding combination of excellent handling and mixing characteristics, chemical and physical stability and high animal bioavailability.

For maximum efficacy ROVIMIX® Vitamins are formulated for:

  • low dust and best handling: safe for workers
  • good flowability: more efficient dosing operations and less product losses
  • best homogeneity in premix and feed
  • superior stability in premix and feed: right daily intake of nutrients by animals
  • high bioavailability, allowing an efficient absorption and best biological use by the animal
  • manufactured with the lowest environmental footprint for more sustainable farming

Commitment to Sustainability

Right levels of quality and sustainable vitamins will help farmers improve animal health, wellbeing, and performance, while protecting the environment, succeeding in a dynamic and ever-changing global market, enhancing both farmers´ profits and environmental sustainability.

dsm-firmenich, as part of our sustainability commitment, has developed Vitamin Environmental Product Declarations (EPD) which transparently provides environmental footprint information to support purchasing decisions and to assess your own product sustainability.

Learn more about our commitment to sustainability here


dsm-firmenich Product Forms:
Quality feed additives for more sustainable farming

Vitamins and other micro-nutrients are essential for the life and well-being of animals. Thanks to its intense engagement in research, innovation and development, dsm-firmenich Vitamins and other feed additives consistently contribute to achieving the best balance between Handling, Mixability, Stability and Bioavailability, depending on the specific application challenges that each nutrient may face.