Safeguarding Feed Quality


Feed Quality

Better animal nutrition improves animal health and performance while reducing the environmental footprint and generating sustainable returns on investment. Safeguarding feed quality is a key factor in this, and protecting feed against the harmful effects of mycotoxins and pathogens while ensuring proper feedstuff preservation is critical.

Mycotoxin management

Mycotoxins are naturally occurring fungi that can contaminate a wide range of feed raw materials, compromising animal welfare, reducing animal performance, and affecting the sustainability and profitability of the entire value chain. We are world leaders in Mycotoxin Risk Management. Our mycotoxin solutions together with our ground-breaking portfolio of mycotoxin deactivators help farmers to keep livestock healthy while making efficient use of natural resources.

Pathogen management and feed preservation

Preventing unwanted pathogens or molds from contaminating animal feed is key part of ensuring adequate animal nutrition and health. Our innovative organic acid-based feed and drinking water additives lower the pH levels in feed and in animals’ digestive tracts, reducing the risk of pathogen contamination and support good gut health. In this way, feed acidification contributes to better food and feed safety, animal health, productivity and sustainability. 


  • Biomin® CleanGrain Plus

    Biomin® CleanGrain Plus is a unique blend of organic acids and salts designed to protect against spoilage of grains and by-products caused by molds, yeast and bacteria.

  • Biotronic®

    The Biotronic® line of state-of-the-art enhanced acidifiers support modern farm animals against Gram-negative bacteria.

  • Mycofix®

    The Mycofix® portfolio of feed additives represents the most state-of-the-art solution for protecting animal health by deactivating mycotoxins that contaminate farm animal feed. Its safety and efficacy are proven by 7 EU authorizations for substances that deactivate mycotoxins.

  • VevoVitall®

    VevoVitall® is an ultra-pure source of benzoic acid and is an excellent feed preservative.


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