Dried Blood Spot (DBS) and Bone Quality Analysis


Vitamin D plays an essential role in calcium homeostasis, bone metabolism, immune function, muscle growth and gene expression.

Being 25-OH-D3 the most abundant vitamin D form in the bloodstream, allowing to evaluate vitamin D status in all animal species. Its blood level is directly related to the absorption, metabolism and how much vitamin D it is bioavailable for the animal.

Dried Blood Spot Test (DBS) consists of collecting a drop of blood followed by liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry analysis to determine the level of 25-OH-D3 in the animal.

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  • DBS samples can be conveniently collected directly from farms and shipped worldwide at room temperature, without any biohazard concerns or the need for import permits, all at an accessible cost.
  • Simple blood sample collection procedure
  • Laboratory analysis with consistent and reliable results.


  • To establish correlations between Vitamin D status and critical factors such as immune response, animal performance and bone & eggshell quality
  • simplifies the process of identifying the most effective Vitamin D supplementation strategy to maintain optimal Vitamin D levels in all animal species throughout the entire production cycle.

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