Digital SalmoFan™


Setting the industry standard in digital color assessement

dsm-firmenich adds an innovative technology to its toolbox for color measurement. The digital SalmoFan™ is a portable and user-friendly color sensor device developed for the salmon industry for precise digital color measurement of salmon fillets.

The digital SalmoFan™ is available globally to any company across the salmon industry value chain, from feed producers to farming companies, from processors to retailers. Please, fill in the contact form and a dsm-firmenich sales representative will connect with you.​

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Main Benefits

  • Portable and easy to use
  • Optimal results: Fast, accurate, immediate. Results captured in standard spreadsheet on mobile phone or tablet for easy export into larger databases
  • Objective measurements: strongly correlated to, and expressed as, a SalmoFan score.

Objective color assessement

The digital SalmoFan™ enables objective color measurement as it is not affected by an individual’s perception of color. It features highly sensitive LED sensors, and it can be used under all working conditions from cage side to processing factory, irrespective of the light conditions available.​

Gain of time and user-friendly device

The digital SalmoFan™ connects with smartphones and tablets via Bluetooth. Once the app is downloaded and the device connected, the digital SalmoFan™ is simply placed on a sample fillet and ready to scan. A SalmoFan™ score appears on the screen.

Color data management

The digital SalmoFan™ app is an efficient way to gather, store and share the data collected from color measurements. Data are captured in standard spreasheet for easy export into larger databases.​

The SalmoFan™ color measurement tools

The SalmoFan™ color measurement scale by dsm-firmenich is recognized as the industry standard across the world for measuring salmon fillet color.

Setup Guide

1. Unpack & Check the Contents

Make sure your box contains the digital SalmoFan™ color sensor device, charging cable, validation tile, and microfiber pouch. In addition, you should receive a number of flat adapters.

2. Wake up your digital SalmoFan™

The digital SalmoFan™ arrives in a “sleeping” state. Wake it up by plugging it into a USB port for charging.


3. Attach Adapter

Attach a flat adapter by angling it against the flange and pressing down. You should feel it snap into place. 


4. Connect your digital SalmoFan™

Download the digital SalmoFan™ app from Google Play or the App Store. Launch the app and fill in a User ID. Connect your digital SalmoFan™. Select the number of scans for measurement, if different from the default value of 6 scans.


5. Start Scanning

Place the digital SalmoFan™ on the Norwegian Quality Cut (NQC) and scan. Move the digital SalmoFan™ to another part of the fillet (within NQC) for a 2nd scan, repeat according to the total number of scans selected. Keep the device flush with the fillet surface for accurate readings.

6. Save scans

Once scans are complete, the app provides a SalmoFan™ number. Press Save and access the scans through the Log section, or share the scan results. Haptic feedback and autosave options can be enabled using the More section.



1. Can I use my digital SalmoFan™ while it is charging?

No, be sure to unplug the digital SalmoFan™ prior to use.

2. Can I connect my digital SalmoFan™ to multiple devices?

The digital SalmoFan™ can connect to one device at a time. Before connecting to a new device, ensure you have disconnected the app on your current smartphone device.

3. Does the blue light turn off when fully charged?

No, the blue light indicates there is power going to the device. It usually takes around 3 hours to fully charge.

4. Do I need to calibrate my digital SalmoFan™?

No, the digital SalmoFan™ comes fully calibrated for you and is ready to use out of the box. Digital SalmoFan can be validated using the validation tile.

5. Does the digital SalmoFan™ have an off button?

No, the digital SalmoFan™ will automatically hibernate as soon as it’s disconnected from the app.

6. I’ve tried everything and my digital SalmoFan™ won’t connect. What do I do?

There is a small hole on the top of the digital SalmoFan™. Use a paperclip to gently press the reset button for 5 seconds, you should be able to feel a small click when the unit is reset.

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