Digital SalmoFan™


Setting the industry standard in digital color assessement

DSM adds an innovative technology in its toolbox for color measurement. The digital SalmoFan™ is a portable and user-friendly color sensor device developed for the salmon industry for precise digital color measurement of salmon fillets.

The digital SalmoFan™ is limited edition and currently not available for sale.  However, if you are interested, please fill in the contact form and a DSM sales representative will reach out to you.

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Main Benefits

  • Portable and easy to use
  • Optimal results: Fast, accurate, immediate. Results captured in standard spreadsheet on mobile phone or tablet for easy export into larger databases
  • Objective measurements: strongly correlated to and expressed as a SalmoFan™ score.

Objective color assessement

The advantage of the digital SalmoFan™ color sensor device is that it is not affected by an individual’s perception of color. It enables objective color measurement and features highly sensitive LED sensors and its own light source, and it can be used under all working conditions from cage side to processing factory, irrespective of the light conditions available.

Gain of time and user-friendly device

The digital SalmoFan™ color sensor device connects wirelessly with smartphones and tablets via Bluetooth, allowing ease of use. Once the app is downloaded on the phone or tablet, the digital SalmoFan™ color sensor device is simply placed on a sample fillet and ready to scan. A SalmoFan™ number reading is subsequently given.

Color data management

The digital SalmoFan™ app is an efficient way to gather, store and share the data collected from color measurements. Users can easily monitor and record the scanned color data of with the use of standard spreadsheets.

The SalmoFan™ color measurement tools

The SalmoFan™ color measurement scale by DSM is recognized as the industry standard across the world for measuring salmon fillet color.

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