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Accurate egg yolk color

Consumers relate yolk color with nutritional value and the welfare of the hen. They are correct; a golden yolk always comes from a healthy hen. To deliver the product the customers want, a yolk pigmentation program must be established including good health, nutrition and the right level of carotenoids.

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Apply the technology and measure success!

By using the dsm-firmenich Yolk pigmentation guidelines, you can establish the precise levels of carotenoids needed to meet your target.

Innovation in Yolk color measurement

The standard on egg pigmentation technology across the value chain has been the dsm-firmenich YolkFan™ for the last six decades (YolkFan™ History) in different versions. The latest update was in 2016 with the addition of one extra blade.

While the traditional YolkFan™ is advantageous in terms of reliability and practicality, it has some drawbacks: reading variations according to light conditions and reader and limitations on data management. For this reason, the digital YolkFan™ was developed - in accordance with NIX™color sensor - to ensure consistency, objectivity and data storage capabilities for egg yolk pigmentation, moving into the digital era. All the farms, all the time, in the palm of your hand.

The next generation is here: digital YolkFan™ Pro

After a few years, and thousands of digital YolkFan™ units being sold to egg enthusiast around the globe, the next generation is here, the digital YolkFan™ Pro with chicken skin, tarso and egg yolk color reading capabilities.

It gives you the possibility to handle and collect data from several units in one central dashboard, unlocking the power of your smart phone for you to take the right decisions. 

Please note that the digital YolkFan™ Pro is only available for dsm-firmenich customers and Academic associates.

A bright yolk is always coming from a healthy hen. Always.

Questions and answers on the digital YolkFan™ by users

How does the digital YolkFan™ compare with NABEL DET6500/6000?

Both methods are 96% comparable.

Can the current digital YolkFan™ (not Pro) measure shank and skin when they get additional adaptors?

No, the regular digital YolkFan™ is calibrated for yolk pigmentation only.

Do we need calibration? (i.e. how do we check whether result is correct or not?)

No, calibration is not necessary as the digital YolkFan™ is designed to be extremely stable over time - especially if it is  kept clean and free from any dust or debris.

How many times can the battery be charged?

The battery can be recharged hundreds of times. Each charge should last for thousands of scans.

What should we do if we notice a deterioration in battery performance?

Environmental factors such as temperature can sometimes affect battery life. It's best to plug in the device at the end of the day to ensure a full charge the following morning.

Is the intensity of the light constant, independent of the battery charge?


How do we know if the battery is low?

In the phone app, go to "More". The battery level is shown there.

Is the digital YolkFan™ Pro going to be paired with the BroilerFan?

This is planned for a second phase of the development of this capability.

Can we use the digital YolkFan™ without the adaptor?

This is not recommended. The adaptor functions also as a protector and the digital YolkFan™ has been calibrated to be used with it.

Do we have to calibrate the digital YolkFan™?

No, the digital YolkFan™ has been precalibrated.

How can I buy adaptors?

Adaptors available for purchase by the general public and DSM at

What are the main differences between the old digital YolkFan™ and the digital YolkFan™ Pro?

The new digital YolkFan™ Pro gives you the ability to scan the color of egg yolks, chicken shank, and chicken skin. The new app gives the farmer a precise Carophyll recommendation to achieve a target DSM YolkFan number.

What kind of support are we going to get from NIX regarding technical issues?

Any technical issues regarding the digital YolkFan™ devices, app or dashboard can be directed to NIX via the chat function in

What is the expected lifetime of the digital YolkFan™?

With proper care, the digital YolkFan™ can be expected to last for three years and more.

Are there any special directions I should take into account before downloading the app?

The app is available on both Android (operating system 4.3 and above) and Apple (operating system iOS 9.2 and above). It's also important to have "Location Services" and "Bluetooth" enabled on your phone before you open the app.

Where can I find the app?

The app can be found in both IOS and Android systems. 

Will the app work with the 1st-generation digital YolkFan™?

Yes, but the user will only be able to measure egg yolk color. It's important to note that the OLD digital YolkFan™ app will still exist in its present form as a separate app.

What are the proper maintenance steps for the digital YolkFan™ Pro?

It is always important to store the digital YolkFan™ Pro at room temperature and in a dry environment when not in use. Please be very careful to keep the inside of the device clean. It is best NEVER to touch the lens or LEDs on the inside of the aperture. If you MUST clean the inside of the aperture, wipe it very gently with a clean, damp cloth. Avoid the use of any harsh chemicals.

Can anybody can buy the digital YolkFan™ Pro from NIX?

No, the digital YolkFan™ Pro can only be obtained via DSM.

Are the L*a*b values of the digital YolkFan™ Pro comparable with those of the Minolta™ Chroma Meter?


We already have the digital YolkFan™ app on our mobile. Will that be updated automatically or will we need to install the new app? 

You can use the 1st-generation digital YolkFan™ continuously with current apps but cannot use the new Digital YolkFan™ Pro app. The digital YolkFan™ Pro is needed to install the digital YolkFan™ Pro app. 

Does the whiteness of the plate on which you measure the egg yolk influence the reading of the colors? (in other words, does white balance affect readings?) 

Not if you are using the yolk adaptor. It is recommended to use a white-colored container. 

Will the Broiler Shank Pigmentation guideline also be available? 

It is not available yet but is scheduled for release in the third quarter of 2021.

Will it also work for the yolk of eggs of other poultry species? 


Can the new digital YolkFan™ Pro measure yolk color in more than 16, as in duck yolk? 

No  it is calibrated exactly the same as the printed version of the YolkFan™.

Can I use the digital YolkFan™ Pro without opening an account?

Yes. Just scan the yolk color.

Can I use the digital YolkFan™ Pro without revealing my geographical location?

No, the geographical location is needed to operate the connection. However, it will not be visible to DSM (nor will the rest of your data). 

Where is my data stored?

It is stored on the Cloud and is only available to the user, not to DSM.

Is the printed version of the YolkFan still available?



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