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DSM in Animal Nutrition & Health

What makes the perfect egg?


DSM World Egg Day game

How much do you know about eggs? Are you an eggspert or an empty shell? Start the quiz now and test your knowledge. Start here>

Egg strength testing_small

How to strengthen egg quality

Vitelline membrane integrity is essential for a good quality egg. Find out more about the industrial implications and role of nutrition. More>


Nutrition, safety, sustainability
- why you need them all

Find out how feed carotenoids help meet consumer demand for vibrant and consistent pigmented egg. More>

Brief history_100x90

A brief history of bright science

The term ‘carotene’ was first coined in 1831. Find out just how far carotenoids have come since then in supporting human and animal nutrition. More>

Pigmentation: Chicken and color fan_small

Pigmenting eggs and broiler chickens

In addition to their metabolic functions, carotenoids play an important role in poultry farming in many countries. How can they be used in different regions to create the optimal color of egg or broiler chicken that consumers expect? More>

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