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DSM in Animal Nutrition & Health

Eubiotics – a balanced approach

Promoting growth and maintaining health are two of the main requirements of animal production. One of the factors essential to both is an optimal balance of microflora (known as Eubiosis) in the gastrointestinal tract of livestock animals. The presence of the correct balance of eubiosis optimizes nutrient absorption.

Our range of eubiotics delivers this balance, promoting efficient gut performance so as to produce well-nourished animals that get the most from their feed.

Landscape with CRINA logos in front

CRINA® - a balanced approach

Our specific blends of essential oil components have shown to help deliver a better balance of gut microflora. More>

Calf, chick and piglet

CYLACTIN® – boosting good microflora

Increase the proportion of ‘good’ bacteria, and you have a better performing gut. More>

Salmon swimming in water

ROVIMAX®NX – Strengthening the immune system

Fish need a robust immune system to stay healthy. More>