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DSM in Animal Nutrition & Health

Feed enzyme experts

Ask the expert: Your questions, our answers

We have gathered a small panel of selected experts from Science and Marketing from DSM and Novozymes to answer your questions. Go ahead and email your question today. Our Experts have also reviewed frequent questions they received in the past. Have a look here>

Dr. Aaron Cowieson

Before joining DSM he was the Director of the Poultry Research Foundation in the Faculty of Veterinary Science at Sydney University, Australia. He is retained as an Adjunct Professor of Poultry Nutrition by the University of Sydney. He completed his MSc. in Analytical Chemistry and Ph.D. in Poultry Nutrition at the University of Aberdeen in Scotland and has worked in feed enzyme R&D since 1998. His research interests include; feed enzyme application; antinutrients and feed ingredient quality, feed additive biochemistry, mineral and amino acid metabolism and nutritional requirements. Contact me>


Dr. Vibe Glitsø

Vibe Glitsø is currently a senior department manager at Feed Applications (R&D), Novozymes A/S. She received an M.Sc. and a Ph.D. from the Department of Human Nutrition, Royal Veterinary and Agricultural University, Denmark (now the Faculty of Science, University of Copenhagen). The research for her Ph.D. on pigs and dietary fibre was carried out at the Department of Animal Nutrition and Physiology, Danish Institute of Agricultural Sciences (now the Department of Animal Science, Aarhus University). She has been involved in feed application research and product development of feed enzymes over the last decade.  She is a member of the Joint Management Team of DSM and Novozymes, representing research. Contact me>


Inge Knap

Inge Knap is currently Global Category Manager for Enzymes at DSM Nutritional Products in Switzerland. She received her M.Sc. from The Royal Veterinary & Agricultural University of Copenhagen. With more than 18 years management experience within both international and development organizations, her key focus area in relation to research & development centers on  feed enzymes, including phytase, xylanase and pectinase in addition to gut flora modulation. Contact me>


Dr. Ninfa Rangel Pedersen

Ninfa Rangel Pedersen is currently a research scientist at Feed Applications (R&D), Novozymes A/S. She holds a Ph.D. from Aalborg University, Denmark, where she worked on the action of hydrolytic enzymes in organic media. She has worked on a research project for 3 years at Umeå University, Sweden, working on establishing the role of the different receptors involved in the mechanism of selected pain killing medicine.

Her areas of expertise cover biochemical function of carbohydrases for biofuels and animal feed. She has good knowledge of enzymes in general and has worked with products containing enzymes in food  for 15 years.

Currently she is heading an ongoing research project with DSM and Copenhagen University on studying the action of Novozymes’ enzymes on various cereals and protein sources using fluorescent microscopy techniques. Contact me>


Dr. Katrine Pontoppidan

Katrine Pontoppidan is a science manager at Feed Applications (R&D), Novozymes A/S. She received an M.Sc. in plant biochemistry and molecular biology at the Department of Plant Biochemistry, Royal Veterinary and Agricultural University, Denmark (now the Faculty of Science, University of Copenhagen) and a Ph.D. in enzyme application in animal nutrition at the Department of Food Science, Chalmers Technical University, Sweden.

Her expertise covers feed protease support on existing products and development of new products, in vitro digestion models, development of phytases for feed and also phytate analytics. Contact me>


Jean-Paul Ruckebusch

Jean-Paul Ruckebusch graduated from the French National School of Advanced Agronomy (ENSAT) with a Master of Sciences in physiology. Upon joining the poultry industry more than twenty five years ago with Sanders, a French feed company he also  began working with feed enzyme applications. He has held various technical, marketing and commercial positions in the feed additives industry in Europe, Middle-East and Africa with American Cyanamid, Roche and now DSM Nutritional Products in Switzerland.

He participated in the Roche (now DSM)-Novozymes Alliance kick-off in Europe in 2001 before moving into his current position in 2009 as Global Feed Enzymes Category Manager and Alliance Manager between the two world leaders in their field. Contact me>