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DSM in Animal Nutrition & Health

ROXAZYME® G2 – Simplifying complexity

Our enzyme complex improves energy utilization in poultry.

ROXAZYME® G2 is a specific blend of beta-glucanases, cellulases and xylanases which improves the efficiency of energy utilization in cereals and cereal by-products. It has shown to increase the metabolic energy of cereals by as much as 8%.

Your benefits

Customers have been benefitting from the power of ROXAZYME® for over 20 years, improving performance in:

  • Broiler chickens – improved liveweight gain and superior feed conversion
  • Fattening turkeys – faster growth, more efficient birds
  • Laying hens – increased rate of lay from less feed
  • Ducks – more efficient feed use and faster growth
  • Piglets – improving performance

Increased performance brings better financial returns for producers.

By improving digestibility, ROXAZYME® G2 also improves the condition of the litter, creating a better environment for birds.

Forms and stability

The free-flowing, low-dust and heat stable formulation of ROXAZYME® G2 makes it suitable for premix, basemix or finished feeds. It is also available in liquid form for post-pelleting liquid applications.

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