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DSM in Animal Nutrition & Health

DSM Color Fans

DSM’s Color Fans are an essential tool for helping deliver consistent carotenoid-based pigmentation in egg yolks, broilers and salmon.

DSM’s color fans are an essential tool for helping obtain the most attractive shade in egg yolks, broiler skin and salmon flesh.

DSM YolkFan and SalmoFan, to measure egg yolk and salmon color

Carotenoids are vital anti-oxidants that play a key role in animal health and reproduction. They are also pigments, and are responsible for the appearance of foods, from fruit and vegetables to the flesh of fish and the skin of animals.

Consumer studies indicate that people worldwide have strong cultural preferences regarding the color of the food they eat. DSM’s Color Fans allow feed producers to supplement their feed with the type and quantity of carotenoids that will deliver precise and consistent food color and meet consumer expectations around the world.

The relationship between carotenoids and egg yolk color was first established by J.S. Hughes and L.F. Payne in a 1936 paper entitled The Relation of the Carotenoid Pigments of Feed to the Carotenoid Pigments of Egg Yolk. Feed manufacturers starting adding carotenoids to the diet of layers, but it took another 20 years for an accurate tool for the measurement of egg yolk color to be developed. This came about via the company of Hoffmann-La Roche in Switzerland.

In 1957 P. Steinegger and G. Zanetti, building on the color-matching work of Roche’s Research Department, created the ‘Roche Yolk Color Fan’, a twelve-tone color scale that quickly gained popularity and became the standard in the egg industry on egg yolk color. This was updated a decade later following the introduction of the apo-ester (β-Apo-8'-carotenoic acid ethyl ester), a naturally occurring carotenoid with high bioavailability and pigmenting functionality. Revised again in 1984, the Roche Yolk Color Fan was to become part of the DSM product portfolio when DSM acquired Roche Vitamins in 2003.

The DSM YolkFanTM is now complemented by the DSM Broiler Fan and the DSM SalmoFan, which help producers to ensure the same level of shade consistency in broiler skin and salmon flesh respectively – practical, accurate and reliable tools to support animal health and meet consumer expectations everywhere in the world.

The DSM Color Fans are the industry standard, and represent a common language regarding the definition of color. This agreed standard is well accepted by traders and retailers worldwide, and it is common practice to set the target color of yolks, chickens and salmonids using DSM fan levels.