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DSM in Animal Nutrition & Health

The DSM SalmoFan™

The DSM SalmoFan™ launched first in 1989 by Hoffman-La Roche as "Colour Card for Salmonids" is our days the industry’s color reference standard for the visual judging and comparison of degrees of pigmentation in salmon flesh perceived by the human eye.

When it comes to judging the color of salmon flesh, the human eye is limited in its ability to perceive degrees of skin pigmentation. This particularly applies to the “redder” end of the color spectrum in question.

The DSM SalmoFan™ offers a simple, accurate and consistent means of measuring the flesh color of salmonids.

How to use the color SalmoFan™

To ensure optimal accuracy during measurement, the following factors should be taken into consideration:

  1. The evaluation should be carried out against a white, non-reflective surface, in order to eliminate the influence of adjacent colors.
  2. The evaluation should be carried out using indirect daylight and not artificial light. The use of indirect light prevents distracting reflections from the glossy surface of the salmon flesh.
  3. The blades of the DSM SalmoFan should be held immediately above the salmon flesh and viewed vertically from above, with the blade numbers facing down and the salmon flesh positioned between the tips of the blade. The reader should always face the side of the blade without numbers and show the number to the assistant for recording. The fan should be closed from one sample of salmon flesh to the next to ensure the independence of every measurement.
  4. The evaluation of any experimental series should be carried out by the same trained observer. The series should comprise anything between 4 and 15 samples of salmon flesh (depending on variability), and these should be evaluated individually. 
  5. When the evaluation is complete, the DSM SalmoFan should be cleaned and stored away from direct sources of light.
Salmon and SalmoFan

Consumer research

DSM has studied consumer preferences regarding the flesh color of salmon. Our research shows that dark-colored salmon flesh consistently commands a premium. Typically bought by more affluent groups, it can command an additional USD 0.50 to USD 1.00 per pound when offered side-by-side with light-colored salmon flesh.

Light-colored salmon attracts a different consumer demographic, being more frequently purchased by minority groups than dark-colored salmon.

DSM’s research also shows that volume sales of salmon are increased when consumers are offered the choice of either dark- or light-colored salmon. Providing both flesh colors therefore stimulates overall sales.

Control of the color of salmon flesh is therefore a critical factor influencing sales of salmon flesh.

Please contact us when you would like to read more about our consumer research results.