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DSM in Animal Nutrition & Health

Digital YolkFan™

Accurate egg yolk color measurement

Following the new Egg Yolk Pigmentation Guidelines and the 16 blade YolkFan™, DSM continues leading innovation in egg yolk pigmentation with the Digital YolkFan™, powered by Nix Sensor Ltd. The Digital YolkFan™ is a digital extension of the DSM YolkFan™. It provides the same practicality and colors, extending them to an automated tool.

Objective egg yolk color measurement

The Digital YolkFan™ is the first color sensor specially developed to assess egg yolk color objectively. It features highly sensitive LED sensors and its own light source, meaning egg yolk color can be measured without any light interference.

Color data management

With its data storage and management capabilities, farmers can easily monitor and record the scanned color data of the egg yolk with the use of standard spreadsheets.

User-friendly egg yolk scanner

The Digital YolkFan™ color sensor can connect wirelessly with smartphones and tablets via Bluetooth, allowing ease of use for the farmer. It is compact, pocket-sized and easy to clean.

With the Digital YolkFan™ color sensor, farmers and feed producers can now move their yolk pigmentation programs into the digital era.

YolkFan™ is a registered trademark of DSM.

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