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DSM in Animal Nutrition & Health

DSM Vitamin Supplementation Guidelines 2016 for Animal Nutrition


Companion Animals

Expressed as unit per kg air-dry food with energy density of 4000 kcal ME/kg of dry matter. The dietary vitamin concentration should be corrected for energy density if the food energy density is greater than 4000 kcal/kg

Category/Phase Vit. A(1) Vit. D3 Vit. E(2) Vit. K3 (Menadione)(3) Vit. B1 Vit. B2 Vit. B6 Vit. B12(4) Niacin d-Panto thenic acid Folic acid Biotin(5) Vit. C (6) Choline ß-carotene (7)
  I.U. I.U. mg mg mg mg mg mg mg mg mg mg mg mg mg
Dogs 7100-23000 640-1100 50-500 1,7-2 3-8 7-60 2-60 0,04-0,10 20-170 17-150 0,3-2 0,3-10 100-200 2100-3000 30-150
Cats 9000-25000 750-1300 50-550 1-2 7-10 5-27 4-14 0,03-0,10 60-170 8-60 1-2 0,1-0,80 100-200 3200-3300 30-50

(1) Vitamin A: preformed vitamin A is vital in diets for cats. (2) Vitamin E: supplemental levels should at least be 10 mg/kg of dry food for each 1% of PUFA in the diet. Higher levels are recommended to support the total antioxidant capacity of dogs and cats. (3) Vitamin K as Menadione: supplementation is particularly important in canned cat foods that contains >25% fish when fed for long period of time. (4) Vitamin B12: higher levels of supplementation might be needed in vegetarian diets as plants are a poor source of this vitamin. (5) ROVIMIX® Biotin: Higher level is recommended for the improvement of coat and skin condition for cats and dogs. (6) Use ROVIMIX® STAY-C® 35 for reducing loss during processing and supporting the total antioxidant capacity of dogs and cats. (7) ROVIMIX® ß-carotene: recommended for supporting the total antioxidant capacity of dogs and cats and as a modulator of immune function.



Broilers: Starter, Grower, Finisher
Broiler breeders: Starter/Grower (Pullets), Layers and male breeders



Turkeys: Starter, Grower, Finisher
Turkey breeders: Starter, Grower, Layers and male breeders


Layers & other poultry

Hens and Duck layers, Layers breeders, Ducks and Geese, Partridges, Quails and pheasants, Ostrich and Emu



Fattening Pigs: Pre-starter, Starter, Grower, Finisher
Breeders: Replacement gilts, Sows, Boars



Calves, milk replacer, Heifers, Beef cattle, Beef cows, Dairy cows, Breeding bullsm Sheep & Goats


Fish & shrimps

Salmon / Trout, Carp/Tilapia/Cat-fish, Eels, Seabream/Seabass, Shrimp


Horses & Others

Foals, Leisure horses, Race horses, Mares and Stallions, Rabbits, Mick & Foxes


Companion animals

Dogs and cats