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DSM in Animal Nutrition & Health

Feed cost savings

For reasons of both cost and sustainability, fish meal and other animal meals are progressively being replaced by plant meals. Our products help customers reduce feed costs by releasing key nutrients from plant meals, increasing digestibility and enhancing energy efficiency.
Two blue buckets with aqua feed

Phosphorous supports growth, feed efficiency and metabolism in fish. Due to binding, most of the phosphorous within plant meals is not available for digestion. The addition of an enzyme, phytase, allows for the release of phosphorous from plant meals, allowing it to be digested by fish. Use of RONOZYME® Phytase in aquaculture feeds enables the efficient utilization of plant raw materials and nutrients for feed cost savings.

Carbohydrates found in plant meals are an important source of energy in aquaculture diets. Release of these carbohydrates is critical to optimize feed efficiency. The addition of carbohydrate degrading enzymes to the diet helps release energy to the fish and enhance energy utilization. RONOZYME® WX, a carbohydrate degrading enzyme, improves energy utilization and enables feed cost reductions when added to plant-based aquaculture feeds.

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