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DSM in Animal Nutrition & Health

Optimal growth

To produce evenly sized birds within a set timeframe, poultry producers require rapid and consistent growth. Our innovative solutions can help our customers achieve optimal growth, which means maximum profitability.
Three one-day chicks on white background

A key factor for optimal growth is maximum digestive performance. This is an area where our products deliver.

Influencing the gut

Increasing nutrient digestibility makes a greater proportion of nutrients available to support growth. Our RONOZYME® portfolio of feed enzymes can be formulated in a finely tuned combination to achieve optimal utilization of any feed.

Overall gut efficiency can be enhanced by the use of CRINA® Poultry Plus. This is a specific and innovative formulation combining benzoic acid with a blend of essential oil compounds. By improving the balance of micro-organisms in the gut, CRINA® Poultry Plus has shown to deliver both improved feed efficiency and higher growth rates.

Balanced vitamin nutrition

Vitamin deficiencies and imbalances have an adverse effect on growth and health. We have a great track record in the effective vitamin supplementation of poultry diets. Our specific Optimum Vitamin Nutrition (OVN™) concept provides the foundation for better animal performance – leading to stronger growth and greater profitability.

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