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DSM in Animal Nutrition & Health

Promoting better swine health

Healthy swine reproduce more efficiently, utilize feed better and grow more quickly. They require less veterinary intervention and incur fewer treatment costs.

Our proven feed additives can help farmers keep swine in good condition, thereby increasing their profitability.

Pig in barn looking into the camera

We have developed a range of innovative products that can help improve swine health.

Better digestive health

Fast-growing animals have healthy guts. Anything that disturbs the digestive system will negatively impact performance.

We have studied natural processes in order to develop products for improving conditions in the gut. Our additives help to reduce incidences of digestive challenges, resulting in better feed use and higher growth.

CRINA® Piglets and CRINA® Finishing Pigs and Sows have shown to stimulate feed intake, promote better digestion and improve animal performance. Trials have shown that they also help reduce microbial health challenges in the guts of piglets and growing pigs.

The probiotic CYLACTIN® stabilizes the animals’ gut flora, reducing digestive disorders and enhancing digestive efficiency.

Building powerful defenses

A strong and effective immune system is an essential line of defense against swine disease. Vitamins are the vital building-blocks of a body’s defense system. Deficiencies can leave swine at risk of infection. Our specific Optimum Vitamin Nutrition (OVN™) concept provides a structured and precise way to supply all the key vitamins at levels that enable optimum performance and productivity.

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