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DSM in Animal Nutrition & Health

Meat quality

Consumers want meat and meat products that:
  • Are safe
  • Have a good appearance
  • Have an acceptable shelf life
  • Taste good and are nutritious

Our expertly developed products help our customers supply the meat that today’s health- and quality-conscious consumers demand.

Slices of pork meat

The animal’s diet can have a positive effect on many aspects of meat quality. In particular, vitamins can improve both the nutritional quality and the texture of meat and meat products. We have developed a range of innovative products to help harness this potential, including:

  • Our specific Optimum Vitamin Nutrition (OVN™) concept – a structured and precisely controlled method for supplying all the key vitamins in optimum quantities. More nutritious feed for the animals translates into better nutrition for consumers.
  • Accurate vitamin E supplementation can help reduce the oxidation of fats in meat, which causes unpleasant odors and flavors. Feeding target levels of ROVIMIX® E50 (vitamin E) can help with this, as well as in reducing meat drip loss.

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